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One Piece Explains Vegapunk's Real Goal for the Future

One Piece is gearing up for the first major conflict of the Dr. Vegapunk focused arc, and the newest chapter of the series explained what the mysteri…

Twilight: Bella Swan's 10 Greatest Fears (Ranked By Scariness)

Bella Swan faces many of her greatest fears throughout The Twilight Saga, but some rank as much scarier than the others!

How Survivor’s Sami Layadi Strategized By Playing Multiple Sides

Sami Layadi discusses how he played multiple sides on Survivor 43, which contributed to his elimination after falling out with his close allies. http…

The Jersey Shore Roomies Favorite Things About The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, the Jersey Shore roomies are sharing their favorite holiday traditions. Learn how they like to spend the season. htt…

Hearthstone March of the Lich King Theorycrafting Event: Fun Synergies

A new theorycrafting preview event for Hearthstone's 25.0 March of the Lich King expansion has provided more insight on fun synergies for all cla…

10 Pieces Of Technology Where Reality Did Better Than The Movies, According To Reddit

A lot of the movie technology that seemed advanced at the time, seems out of date. Redditors have come together to discuss some of the most blatant. …


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